best kept secret

Accent Studios has long been a well kept secret to those of Lafayette, LA and the surrounding area. It's home in the one story shopping strip located at 805 West University is over crowded with not only lamp shades, lamp parts, and vases, but also a ton of learning and history. In just over three decades, we have managed to cultivate an art out of creating unique lighting to illuminate rooms across the country. We currently have lamps in over 30 states here in the U.S. and even a fair few abroad. We pride ourselves on the hard work necessary to repair your family heirlooms or create one of a kind lamps unique to our customer and his or her personality. The store is locally owned and operated, and our talented staff is glad to assist you in creating the right look for your home or office with the right lamp and shade.

What exactly can be done at Accent Studios? Well, that's rather difficult to put into words. Having shelves upon shelves of lamp shades, and the help of your lamp, of course, we can do our best to find that perfect shade. We can rewire, refurbish, and restore your old lamp into a classic that will be passed down for years to come. We can even create a lamp from a vase you've had sitting on a shelf for as long as you can remember. We can repaint that fixture to give it an antique distressed look or simply add prisms to dress it up. Or just come by, select a vase from our store, and then sit back and watch as we design a lamp before your eyes. If you're unsure about what sort of lamp you need, just have a look around at some of our custom lamps, and maybe that'll help. But we can also create a lamp from just about anything, so don't be afraid to ask!

Please come by and let us work our magic.

-The Staff of Accent Studios