Refurbish the light.

To some, a lamp is “just a lamp,” but we know a lamp can be much more. To us, a lamp has true meaning, whether it's connected to history—perhaps you stumbled upon a lamp owned by a famous governor —or it’s the last thing connecting you to a family member. We want to help you revive the light. We are capable of bringing broken and forgotten lamps back to life, looking better than ever before. If you aren’t sure if a lamp is savable, please bring it in for an upfront cost estimate*. We look forward to seeing you soon!




Replace parts


*Important: Precise cost estimates cannot be made over the phone. All estimates are subject to change depending upon the level of difficulty. Our team will generate an initial cost, but due to different methods of creation sometimes there are unforeseen complications. In this case, we will call for a reevaluation of the project.